Fall and Winter 1971 and 1972

Settling in with a new baby and rambunctious 18 month old boy was quite a challenge. Frank was working his security job at night and not coming home until afternoon just to sleep and then eat and go to work. I was pretty much on my own. My neighbor Kay was an enormous help. She would come over and take David over to her house so Pattie and I could get some sleep. Or I would take the kids over to Kay’s house. Kay and I would spend almost all day together. We would do crafts and since it was fall we canned fruit.

Franks parents and his sister came from Montana for Thanksgiving. We had a nice visit and they had a chance to see their new granddaughter and get acquainted with David.

As winter set in the rains began and then it started to snow. The Seattle area doesn’t get a lot of snow. So it would snow, warm up a little bit, then freeze. This creates ice. Also the Seattle area does not have  a lot of snow removal equipment. Some business, schools and even Churches would cancel or close. Kay and I would bundle up the kids and we would trek up and down the street. We built snowmen and played in the snow with the kids. We lived up on a small hill and if the road was frozen Frank and Kay’s husband would have to park their vehicles at the bottom of the hill and walk home.

Kay would go to Relief Society work meeting with me and her daughter would go to church with us sometimes. Kay and her husband taught me how to play hearts. The three of us would play hearts in the evening and laugh and talk. We looked forward to the Book Mobile so we could get books to read to the kids and something for us.

One Sunday I was asked if I would teach a class in Primary. When I told Frank he got very angry. He pushed me up against the wall and yelled at me. I told him it would only be for a couple of hours one day a week in the afternoon. He was still angry, he had never talked to me like that. He wanted to know who would get his dinner. I told him I would prepare his dinner before I left. He was still angry and told me I could not do it.

He had never been physical and angry with me. I was so frightened I decided to go back to Utah. I was ready to end it. I called my parents and made plans to fly home. By the I was ready to go Frank had calmed down and drove us to the airport. The trip was horrible. Pattie cried and threw up almost the whole time. Of course she finally fell asleep about thirty minutes out of Salt Lake. My parents met me and I think we may have stayed overnight with my sister Kathryn in Salt Lake. Then we headed for Cedar City.

A few days later my Home Teacher called and wanted to know what we needed to do to get our family back together. I told him we hardly saw each other. Frank worked all night and stayed out most of the day with his buddies. He did not go to Church with us and made no attempt to live the commitments he had made when he was baptized. I was trying to reconcile that he hadn’t grown up with any strong religious training. But when he would not support me, that was not acceptable. He called back a few days later and said Frank had agreed to get a day job and spend more time at home. My Home Teacher encouraged me to come home and so did my parents. I had been prepared to leave the marriage but my Parents encouraged me to go home and do my best to make our marriage work. So like the dutiful daughter I went home. I think I was in Cedar City two or three weeks.

The flight home was a little better but Frank was not at the gate to meet us. I was struggling to make my way to the baggage claim area when a Travelers Aid lady came to my rescue. As we were making our way to baggage claim, Frank found us. I guess we had miss communicated and he was angry at me again. Welcome home.