Christmas 1969

Christmas was coming. Our first Christmas together. No family around. Too far to go to Montana  and way to far to go to Cedar City. Should we just stay home in our little house in Everett or go somewhere else. We started to talk about going to Canada. Vancouver was just across the boarder. It is a large city and we thought that would be kind of fun to spend Christmas in Canada.

We headed out December 23 to Vancouver. We found a motel to stay in for a couple of days and looked forward to exploring the city. On the 24th we started to drive around and found a park that had a bunch of Totem Poles. They were really cool. We took pictures and while we were there we met another couple that were there to spend their Christmas together. He worked in Alaska and she worked in a different state. We talked to them and hung out with them for a few hours.

It was getting to be evening and we started to look for a place to eat. We found a club of some kind. They served just a little bit of food, mostly appetizers and finger food. They had a small floor show. We really enjoyed the show and then headed back to our room.

Next morning was Christmas Day. We were late getting up and the hotel breakfast was closed. Not to worry we thought, we will just find something to eat in town. No, there was not a place to eat. Everything was closed. We went back to the park and met our friends from the day before. They were looking for something to eat also. There is a ski resort close to Vancouver. We took the lift up to the lodge and there we found a little sandwich shop and got something to eat. I was still hungry.  We went back to our hotel hoping that tomorrow would be better.

December 26th was warm and sunny. We headed to the down town area. Everything was still closed. I was so hungry. We didn’t know that in Canada they celebrate Boxing Day. We wandered around looking in shop windows and wishing we could find something to eat. Finally around noon shops began to open. We found a deli and ordered a french dip sandwich. It was the best french dip sandwich I have ever had. The beef was lean and on the rare side. The bread was french and crusty on the outside and soft and tender in the middle. It was soooo good. Maybe I was just really hungry. They had a lemon meringue pie sitting on the counter and we wanted a piece but they would not cut it because it was “too fresh.” Oh well we looked in some of the stores and I wanted to find something that was very Canadian. But I could not find anything that I wanted. Frank bought a hat that looked like a Russian Cossack hat.

We went back to the hotel, checked out and headed back to Everett. Christmas was over it had been kind of a bust in some ways but in other ways we had a very good time and enjoyed being together. Frank was pretty adaptable and he had a good sense of humor and could almost always make me laugh.