Frank and I Get Married

Before I begin I must explain that we had a little crisis and some of my posts were lost so I need to re-due them. It will be hard to recreate them just as they were so please bare with me as we start this journey together again. Thank you for reading.

Sometime during the winter Phyllis and I were asked to serve a special dinner party. It was to be held at the Park Managers Home.  We were told the special guest was Lowell Thomas. He was a famous radio broadcaster and a world traveler. I remember watching TV specials of his travels to many far and interesting places. We were told he had never been to Yellowstone. I was amazed. He was very nice and he got Phyllis and I together and we had our picture taken with him.

Soon after Frank was baptized we started to plan our wedding. I wanted to use the Chapel we met in but another couple had already reserved it so we had to make other arrangements. When I look back at this time I was so oblivious as to what was right and proper to do. I thought that getting married in a “Church” was the most important thing. So we asked if we could use the local Church of Christ Chapel. We wanted our Branch President to do the ceremony. OK so we were going to get married in a Church of Christ Chapel and a Mormon Branch President was going to preform the ceremony. La La La La, merrily we go along. Our poor Branch President was not really very happy about this arraignment. I really don’t know why he didn’t sit me down and give me a good talking too. I called my Mother and Father and told them that we were planning to get married August 2, 1969.

We went to Livingston and I purchased some flocked cotton fabric and a pattern and started making my wedding dress. My Aunt Wanda made and decorated a wedding cake for us and my parents brought it all the way up from Cedar City, Utah. They stopped in Pocatello, Idaho to visit with  my Mothers sister Vera and her husband Keith Tolman. They came with some of their children for the ceremony. My sister Sandra and her Husband Max came also. My Cousin John Cox flew a small plane with his girlfriend Carolyn. I was really surprised to see all these relatives. One of Franks neighbors  organized some refreshments for a small reception for us.

Everything worked out and we were married. After we said goodbye to everyone we headed to Cody, Wyoming for a couple of days.  Oh the folies of youth.

 Frank’s neighbor had a small cabin between her house and Frank’s parents. She said we could live there until we found something better. There was a bathroom, and a room big enough for a bed and a very small kitchenette. One day Frank’s Dad came over,  he had a wooden rolling pin in his hand. He gave it to me and said I could use it for other things than just rolling out pie crust. He was implying that if Frank needed a talking to, the rolling pin might be a good exclamation point. Another time he gave me a large chefs knife. I really liked Frank’s Dad. Franks Mother gave me a Platter that she said had been in her family for years. She said it came from England. I think it is from Wedgwood.

Soon after we were married Frank got a letter from Boeing Aircraft offering him a job in Everett, Washington. If he accepted he would start work around the first part of September. They would send a mover to help us move. I was really looking forward to starting a new life in a new place. We started to get ready to move to Washington.