Yellowstone 1969

Life in Yellowstone was pretty routine. I put my time in at the restaurant and then there was time to play. There is a chapel built on the property at Mammoth and there was a small branch of the Church that met there on Sundays. The Branch President was one of the Rangers. One of the ladies I worked with was a member and most of the members were either employees of the park service or employees of the vendor. I was asked to lead the music in Sacrament meeting. Sometimes we didn’t have a piano player. They had a Priesthood meeting and then Sacrament meeting. We didn’t haveĀ  any Sunday School. The Chapel was supposed to be a non-denominational building. We could only have it for a couple of hours on Sunday.

After work sometimes I would put on my boots and bundle up and head for the hills. I wanted to see what Yellowstone was all about. I would go up to the Hot Springs and walk around. It was really beautiful after it started to snow. The water steaming and bubbling and snow banks around the edges. Sometimes I would get in my little car and go to Gardner to the grocery store or the little gift shop. Sometimes we would head to Livingston to shop for cloths or shoes and a bigger grocery store. They also had a fabric store where I bought fabric so I could sew. Then I discovered Bozeman. It is a College town and they have bookstores and more fun places to eat and hang out. It was fun to get out of the Park and mingle with real people for a few hours.

My little car that I bought in California did not like the cold weather and I am afraid I did not take very good care of it. I did not really know how to take care of a car. Any way it got a leak in the oil line and no one in Gardner knew how to fix it. Some one told me I would have to get a plumber to fix the line. That did not sound right to me. Anyway someone offered me about $100 dollars for it and I sold it to them. I really felt bad. I really liked my little old Chevy. I went to Livingston and bought a used red Volkswagon. I had lots of fun with my little red Volkswagon.

I had a room mate Rhonda, I don’t remember her last name. I knew her from the Grand Canyon. I guess I was kind of a snot. I didn’t like her very much when we were working together at Grand and when they put her with me I was not very happy. But we soon learned to get along and appreciate each other. We started to do things together and had lots of fun.

Frank and I started spending lots of time together and he became interested in the Church. We got hold of the Missionaries and they started to teach him. Rhonda also became interested and she started to join the discussions. It was in the early spring that they both were baptized. It was a happy time for me. Frank wanted to marry me and I was ready.