Summer 1966

When school ended for the Spring of 1966 I prepared to go to Zion for the Summer. We got there before the Lodge officially opened for the summer. My job was as a cabin maid again and I was not happy about that. I don’t remember how I did it but I managed to get reassigned to the snack shop. We served quick order breakfast, lunch and dinner. We specialized in ice cream cones, shakes and sundaes. We made salads and cold meat sandwiches. We worked in shifts. I remember one morning all of a sudden we had all these people wanting breakfast. They were all older couples. We were not equipped to handle such a large group. There were only about six tables with four chairs apiece and a counter with about six stools. So we had all these people and they all wanted eggs. They were from a tour that was supposed to eat in the dinning room upstairs but they didn’t want their big breakfast so the hostess told them to come down to the snack shop for just eggs and toast. I was on the grill that day and one of the ladies wanted one egg sunny-side up, the egg white had to be cooked completely but the yoke could not be cooked. It took a couple of tries but I think I finally got it right at least it did not come back.

Another time I had worked the early shift and had gone back to the dorm and went to sleep. I woke up and no one was around. It was getting dark and I thought it was morning. I was so disoriented. I thought I was late for work and was really upset. I called to the snack shop to tell them I was on my way but they didn’t know what I was talking about. I finally realized it was just evening of the same day and I was Crazy.

That summer I met a boy who lived in Orderville a small town on highway 89 on the east side of the canyon. I guess he liked me a little bit. We went on a few dates and I thought he was nice. For one thing he was taller than me.

One of the great things about working in the Snack Shop was I was able to meet more of the tourists. I loved talking to people from all over the world. They would come in for ice cream and sandwiches. I got really good at making shakes and malts. The gear jammers (bus drivers) would come in and flirt with us.

As the summer was winding down there were fewer tourist coming and we were shutting down for the winter. One night Tauna and I decided that we needed to go swimming. We climbed over the fence to the swimming pool and went skinny dipping. It was so cold.

The Lodge closed after Labor Day and there was still almost a month before school started. Tauna and I went to The North Rim of the Grand Canyon to work before they closed. That was only about three or four weeks. We worked at the Store and Cafeteria. The Cafeteria was about a mile from the main lodge and it was not very busy. I loved being there. It was quiet and Tauna and I would go for walks in the evening. She told me about wanting to go to California to be there when her missionary came home. We got it into our heads that we would go to California and get jobs and be there when he came home. We decided to go after Christmas that year. Tauna had written to his Mother and she agreed to put us up until we could find an apartment and jobs. We decided to go by train. Tauna did not come back to school, instead she went to live with her sister. We wrote back and forth and agreed that she would come back to Cedar after Christmas and then we would go.

I don’t remember too much about that fall in school. Dad had built a new house south of our old house and they had moved in that summer. It was across the street from the new Church that we had all worked so hard to build. Doug was home from his mission. Sandra and Kathy were married. My cousins Charlotte and Phyllis were married. I felt like an old maid.

Doug and I kind of hung out together. At some point he left and went to School at BYU. I don’t remember the exact time line.

Going to New York City 1966

In the fall of 1965, the Drama Club with the help of Fred Adams started making arraignments to go to New York during the Spring Break which was in March. We traveled by bus to New York and then spent four days in the City and then we traveled to Washington DC by train for a visit to the Capital, the Smithsonian and other historical sights including Mount Vernon. We had our picture taken as a group on the Capital steps with our Utah Senator Frank Moss.

While in New York we had Broadway shows lined up and also a trip to the Metropolitan Opera. We rode the subway, went to Sardie’s, for cheese cake, and the Empire State Building, took the Staten Island Ferry, ate at a deli and went to Church in an old Jewish Synagogue that had been sold to the Church. We went shopping at Macy’s, and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. We spent a day at the Metropolitan Museum. We got a chance to met with Carol Channing after we saw her perform in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blonds’. She gave us all a “Diamond Ring” just glass of course but still a fun souvenir. I kept that ring for years. I think I still have it. We attended the off Broadway production of ‘The Fantasticks’, it was so great to see how the professionals do it. After the show we got to met the cast and they teased us for knowing all the songs. We attended a taping of ‘What’s My Line’, and ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’. We were given a tour of backstage of the Ed Sullivan set. That was really cool to see such a huge stage. They told us that the more important a performer was the more elaborate their set would be. I wish we had been there when the Beatles performed but that was not to be. Besides being several years too late. We attended the ‘Easter Show’ at Rockefeller Center and saw the Rockettes.

Then from Washington DC we had to head for home. We stopped in Chicago for a change of drivers and a little rest. While we were there we went to the Museum of Natural Science. Then my cousin Lyona who was living in the Chicago area with her Husband met us at the Bus Station and brought me some homemade cinnamon rolls. It was so good to see her. The cinnamon rolls were to die for. I now realize it was real effort for her to come all the way into Chicago just to bring me those rolls. But they sure were welcome. Then we were off again. As we traveled further west the weather got colder and windier. The bus stopped in Omaha, Nebraska to change drivers. Then we got the news that the road West was closed and we would have to spend the night. We were all put back on the bus and locked in. The bus was in the terminal and the driver kept the motor running so that we could keep warm and we tried to sleep. In the morning we went into the terminal looking for something to eat. Tauna and I were talking about not having any money left and a lady heard us and offered us some money. I was so embarrassed. We told her that we were with a large group and we would be OK. Fred sent us all to the coffee shop and he bought us all some hot cereal if we wanted it. What a great experience. I was more than ready to get home but yet I hated to leave New York.

Maurice Abravanel

As I was writing about doing ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ and seeing Maurice Abravanel in the front row I remembered how much he had given to me as a young girl. Every year the Utah Symphony would come to Cedar City and play for the school children. I remember marching over to the College by classes to the Gymnasium to hear the Symphony. This was before the College built their new Auditorium. The Gym was a horrible place to hold a classical music concert but I learned to look forward to these concerts. Because Maurice Abravanel insisted on bringing this music to the children of Utah who would have very little opportunity to attend a symphony under the best of conditions. We got the best of what was possible.

Because of those efforts I learned to love music. I love Classical and Opera, Rock and Roll and Country, Blues and Jazz, I can’t say that I love Rap. I have a very hard time finding music in that.

As my kids began to grow, I tried to expose them to all kinds of music. I took them to the symphony and the opera and the ballet. On one occasion we had just left symphony hall after seeing Marvin Hamlish, he was a composer who wrote a lot of music for Broadway. It was a very entertaining concert. We walked down the street to Snelgrove’s Ice Cream Parlor to get a treat. There were quite a few people in line and my kids could not make up their minds what they wanted. As they were deciding a man came in and was waiting. Then Marvin Hamlish came in, “What is taking so long?” he was quite agitated. We had just attended his concert with the Utah Symphony and it was my kids that were holding up the line and he could not get his ice cream.

I made sure they knew who the real truly great singers of my day were. The Kingston Trio, The Mama’s and the Papa’s, The Supremes, just to name a few. I have tried to like the music they liked but I did not really like the hard head banging rock that they liked. Oh well every generation has their music.