A place to be alone

Away from the crowds

Late afternoon

Birds flying deep in and out of the canyon

Shadows of the clouds moving lazily across the rocky walls

Sounds of crickets and the buzzing of flies, an occasional lizard stops by to visit

Sometimes voices floating on a breeze from an unseen trail

A rocky shelf warmed by the sun

Jutting out from the canyon wall

The Canyon is deep and wide

The Colors change as the sun and clouds move across the sky

The canyon called Grand

A place to be alone





My Creed 2014

I am a strong, passionate woman.

I am intelligent and creative.

Kind and spiritual.

I desire to pattern my life with Faith, Hope and Charity.

I desire to promote a kind, compassionate home.

A home where all who enter there will feel welcomed.

And then I will knit them a pair of socks.




All she could see was the back of his legs as he leaned into the trunk of his car.

She could tell that he was tall, his legs were so long.

She thought he must be a fine man.

Then he turned around to greet them.

His smile was broad and welcoming.

She was about 5’6″ he was 6’4″.

They were young and handsome.

He was just returning from a two year mission, she was visiting her sister in Cedar City, Utah.

He talked her into staying a few more days before returning to her home in Pocatello, Idaho.

He took her fishing and dancing. They laughed and talked. It was early spring. He loved her right away.

By the end of October he was in Pocatello standing in her mother’s home claiming his bride.

A journey back to Cedar City to be sealed in the St. George Temple a week later.

They settled into their lives together. He went to work for the Power Company. His first day of work was December 7th, 1941.

By July of 1942 a daughter joined their family. The next year another daughter came along. By the time their son was due to be born she had moved back to Pocatello because he had been drafted into the Army Air Corp and was stationed in Colorado. It was there in Pocatello, that their son joined the family. A short tour in the Philippians took him away from his young family.

Then home he came safe and sound, the sounds of war were over.

Soon another daughter, Me! came to join this little family. Three years later another son came and their family was complete. They settled in on 9th West, surrounded by Aunts, Uncles and cousins. It takes a whole neighborhood to raise children.

Work at the Power Company continued. He was very personable. He knew everyone in Iron County and all the surrounding Counties. He joined the Lions Club and served a couple of times as President.

He was a Bishop for 9 years. He loved to hunt and fish. He loved Southern Utah and saw its beauty everywhere. He learned to write poetry and he loved the gospel. Often he would get up early and bring home a mess of mountain trout for dinner. There was always venison in the freezer. Sometimes there would be a bunch of asparagus he had gathered on one of his trips to “Dixie”. He would come home in the middle of the day on a hot summer day and say “Who wants to go to “Dixie”. Any child within ear shot was ready and willing. We knew an ice cream would be a reward for the trip. We loved going with Dad, there would be stories and songs and poems. Some of our favorites were ‘The Cremation of Sam McGee’, The ‘Strawberry Roan’, ‘Peter Rabbit’, and anything we wanted to talk about. He would tell us about the mountains and the valleys and about how his Grandfathers came to this country and joined the Church.

He was always front and center at our school productions. It was hard to keep a straight face and do your part with him sitting on the front row grinning up at you. I never had to beg my parents to attend any program I was in.

We always knew Mom and Dad loved each other. I rarely heard them disagree. She would be busy in the kitchen and he would sneak in and grab her and she would squeal and then he would hug her and give her a big kiss. Surprise gifts would appear under her pillow for no reason. He loved surprises. Mom and Dad served three missions. They gathered friends everywhere they went. He was kind and patient, he did not judge or ridicule.

One day in early February 1999, they went to a funeral at their ward house. They had just returned home. Mom was preparing some lunch. They were talking to a grandson who lived with them while attending BYU. Dad sat down to watch the news. Next thing they knew he was on the floor. EMT’s were called. It was too late. Massive heart attack.

We were not ready. There was a big hole in our family. Our consolation was our knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ and his saving grace. We knew we would be with him again. Mother missed him so much. Now she is again with him. We miss them both but we know they are happy to be together again.